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12 December 2022

Minden specialise in dust extraction systems for a wide variety of industries such as automotive, aerospace, education, industrial and railway.

We are a UK manufacturer and believe that we make the finest dust extraction system available on the market today.

The first Minden dust plant was made by the original owner who started importing a variety of dust extraction systems.  He then decided to make his own by taking the best features from all those he imported.  We have continued with this ethos of only using the best elements.   The motor turbine is built to a very high standard, the blades are shaped making a very efficient and powerful heart to the Minden system.

Minden are the only vacuum extraction company to use steel ducting in three sizes and designed with bends shaped to maximise flow.  For dust extraction, maintaining flow is key to an effective system.

With over 30 years’ experience, our knowledge helps us to create systems that work effectively and efficiently.  All our systems are designed, built and installed by us to work within any setup. This can range from small workshops through to large industrial facilities. 

Whatever your requirements, our team will help you every step of the way to provide the best solution for your business.  From manufacturing the parts and units, through to designing and installing each bespoke system, and then on to training and servicing. It’s this knowledge of the whole process that enables us to fully understand your requirements and advise you on appropriate solutions.  All at a reasonable price.

Minden can also offer a wide variety of dust extraction accessories and consumables including hoses, tools, filters and bags. Our range of hoses are made to order and can be supplied with adaptors to fit Minden systems as well as other brands and most brands of sanders and tools.  Anti-static is now standard to all hoses.

Contact us today, we would like to help you resolve your problem with dust.

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