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The System

The Minden system has been developed over the years. Precision engineering and robust construction ensure unequalled performance and reliability.
The vacuum pump is a directly coupled (no belts) dynamic compression unit.
Filtration is via easily serviced filter cartridges that are capable of filtering 99.99% of fine dust. The filters are cleaned with compressed air and dust is released into a disposable bag via a one way valve. The filters have a 3 year / 5,000 run hour life.
With simple but effective controls, the Minden dust plant needs minimum maintenance. Minden systems are guaranteed.


The Company

Minden has been producing and installing systems for over 30 years. There are over 900 installations in the UK, most of which are still in operation. 45% of our installations today are returning customers.

The Minden team can continue to support your organisation with an experienced national project management and service team.


Made in Britain


Minden are proud to work with UK suppliers, many local to us in Northants. They support us in our aim to ensure the Minden systems are built with precision and quality materials.

The Team

Your organisation is supported with an experienced project management, service and installation team.
We also have a great back of house team who are all keen to ensure we can meet your expectations:

  • your system is made, on time
  • your needs are met with efficiency
  • your system service is arranged and LEV certificate sent
  • Your orders for accessories, hoses and dust bags are fulfilled

See our post on Why Choose Minden for more details

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