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ATEX option for hazardous materials

If you are working with aluminium, carbon or composite materials, your workshop may require our ATEX solution.

The Minden ATEX solution is suitable for all sanding areas



Safety and compliance

The ATEX regulations are often misunderstood, when the solution can be simple.

On tool extraction using a high velocity centralised vacuum system is the best approach.  Our philosophy is to capture dust before it reaches the atmosphere.  The dust is then contained away from the working area, this could be 100 metres from the shop floor.

ATEX Plant set up SM

Frequently asked questions

All Minden systems can be sized according to the number of operators and your workshop area.  The workstations options, energy saving switching can all be applied to the Minden ATEX system.

All Minden systems built since 2010 are ATEX upgradeable.  Speak to your service engineer or phone Minden to find out about your system.

There are mobile solutions available which may suit some operations.

As a business owner, you will be responsible for carrying out risk assessments on the hazards that the material being processed poses.  Please contact Minden as part of your research.

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