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29 November 2022

The MINDEN centralised dust extraction system has been designed and built to give many years of reliable operational service to your organisation.   There are some important basic rules to optimise your performance and the long life of your system.


The system operates by creating a vacuum within the pump unit. Air is required to enter in to the sealed system by maintaining an ‘open-system’. This is achieved by ensuring that a number of hoses & tools are left connected to the heads.  If all hoses are removed and the self-closing flaps sealed, air entering the system is  restricted and performance will be adversely affected.


The motor is direct drive, no belts high velocity turbine, designed to run at very high pressure. The 3-phase motor operates on a ‘star delta’ principle to start. It is further ‘protected’ by a series of relays and timers that may be ‘tripped’ in the event of an abnormal electrical occurrence, either from the supply or motor.  The sensitivity of the relay protection may be adjusted for local conditions, it may be required that the system is occasionally ‘reset’.

However, a repeated need to reset indicates a further problem and should be investigated.


The system is protected by a triple filter system that prevents particles and objects entering into the turbine and causing damage.  The following is essential:

The filters are checked regularly and changed at least every 12 months or 3,000 running hours, whichever occurs first.

The air supply is left connected to the pump unit and turned on as filter cleaning is achieved by compressed air.

The dust bag is emptied regularly when 2/3 full or debris will stack in the filter tank.


The system may be run in two ‘modes’ Manual or Automatic.  To minimise your power

consumption and maximise your unit life, it is essential to utilise the pump unit in ‘AUTO /REMOTE’ mode.

In remote mode, it will automatically provide power when any one operative is using a head – i.e. remotely switch ‘on’. When all remotes are in the ‘off’ position, the system will go into the self-clean cycle and power down.

Only use ‘manual’ if there is a problem on the remote operation.


they attend and OFF when leaving the work-stations.