Once your dust extraction system is installed and ready to use, your operators will need to be trained on every aspect of the system. The Minden team can provide on-site training to each operator to help them understand the system and maximise efficiency. This training will cover each component workstation and the running of the system. It will also include monitoring for maintenance and servicing purposes, and tips for reducing running costs. Our training and support can be ongoing, we can tailor this to your requirements.

Our training programme will ensure that each operator is not only familiar with the whole dust extraction system, but that they are using it effectively.
Minden systems have several specific monitoring functions. Training in this area will help
We can train operators to use the system to its optimum efficiency by using the remote switching and autoflow features, to help you reduce overall running costs.
When we return to service your Minden dust extraction system, we can make further recommendations for improvements if required.

Training Image