Regular servicing of your dust extraction system is essential. Although all Minden systems are designed to require minimal servicing and maintenance, to ensure that you are compliant with current legislation for LEV testing, servicing should be carried out every 14 months. Regular servicing ensures that your system runs smoothly and efficiently. Our experienced engineers can identify any issues with the system, discuss any changes to your requirements and also offer advice on any improvements that can be made.

Minden systems require minimal servicing due to their design and system monitoring. The compressed air cleaning filters and anti-static pipework ensure continual optimum flow.
Servicing can be an ideal time for our engineers to make recommendations. If your workflow has changed, your system may need adapting to meet match the new requirements. We can offer ongoing support and cost-saving recommendations.
Regular servicing ensures that you are compliant with current legislation and LEV testing. It also helps to maintain running efficiency and protects the equipment and your workforce.
For LEV compliance, dust extraction systems should be serviced every 14 months. Although an essential requirement, servicing can also highlight any areas for improvement.

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