Portable Dust Extraction System

The Minden Portable DES is specifically designed with manoeuvrability in mind. Using the same three phase side channel blower motors as our Centralised Systems, the Portable DES dust extraction units offer a compact and adaptable option. Suitable for smaller workshops, restricted installation areas or for operators requiring mobility.

Maximum efficiency, anywhere

The same reliable and efficient dust extraction features that you expect from our Centralised Systems brought together in a compact design. The Minden Portable DES saves on space with the flexibility of being used as a mobile unit or fixed into a permanent position and depending on your workshop setup, it can accommodate up to three operators.

➢ Use as a mobile unit or permanently fixed dust extraction system.
➢ Dust removal at source for up to three operators.
➢ Suited for the smaller workshop or where space is a premium.
➢ A cost-effective dust extraction solution in any workshop.
➢ Mobile operator modules including power and compressed air.
➢ Compatible with all our power tools and accessories.
➢ Includes hooks for hand tools and accessories to increase worker efficiency.
➢ Connects with up to three operator modules per unit.
➢ Reliable dust extraction at source to reduce contamination.
➢ High-efficiency durable filters to increase airflow.
➢ Compact and portable unit can be used in any workshop.
➢ Flexible fixings for permanent installation.
➢ High-efficiency filters with microfibre bags for improved airflow.
➢ Full side channel blower motor maintains extraction performance.
➢ Large collection tank to minimise operator interruptions.
➢ Portable or fixed installation operating options.