Convenient and cost-effective

For work areas where a centralised system is not an option, we supply a range of mobile dust extraction units. When space is limited or you need the freedom to move around , the mobile units are a convenient solution. Ideal in clean-up areas or valet bays as they are easy to move around the vehicles or to use in multiple areas of the workshop.


Mobile units

Our mobile units come with many different options and even ATEX rated options. Airflow sensor switches allow automatic start / stop operation when used with compressed air tools.

The ATEX rated model is suitable to use for category 2 hazardous materials under the ATEX directive. Portable and independent in operation, their ease of use and convenience make them a popular option.

➢ Suitable for smaller workshops.
➢ Portable around vehicle valet bays.
➢ Convenient where space is restricted.
➢ Moves easily around clean-up areas.
➢ ATEX rated options available.
➢ Anti-static wheels and castors.
➢ Self-cleaning filter bags.
➢ Auto Airflow options on some models.
➢ Replacement hoses in 7 or 10 metres.
➢ Anti-static and crush resistant hoses.
➢ Combined air and dust 2in1 hoses.
➢ Tool connectors and air couplings.
➢ Floor cleaning kits.
➢ Dust capture shrouds trap dust at source.
➢ Connect to air-powered tools.