Reduce running costs with effective monitoring and control of your dust extraction system

Energy saving is an important factor to consider in your workshop. At Minden, we have developed our dust extraction systems to work efficiently and effectively whilst using a lower energy input. The result for you is a dust extraction system that works consistently but uses less power than comparative products. We are so confident in the efficiency of our machines that we usually recommend a lower wattage machine than you might think you need.

Power and efficiency are not the same things

By including some energy-saving features in our systems, we can save energy by reducing the running costs of your machines. These features include remote switching, autoflow options, inverters and run timers. These ensure that your machines run when they need to, at full capacity when they need to and only get serviced when they need to. This could not only save you money on your energy consumption, but it means that operators can work uninterrupted to achieve the maximum output possible.

➢ Automatic on/off switching.
➢ Saves energy when not in use.
➢ Invertor regulates power output.
➢ Increases capacity as required.
➢ Each workstation includes a remote switch.
➢ Monitor machine usage and cleaning cycles.
➢ Operate the unit at point of use.
➢ Easy to switch off when not in use.
➢ Greater efficiency through higher specifications.
➢ Reduced energy consumption by using a lower wattage machine.
➢ Minimal servicing through effective monitoring and automatic cleaning.
➢ Autoflow options regulate output operation.
➢ Maximised airflow through our unique pipework system.
➢ Performance monitoring and automatic cleaning.
➢ Full training and advice on system operation.
➢ Recommendations to improve performance and reduce costs.

Energy Saving Image