Durability and reliability

Effective in all workshops or industrial facilities, the system is adaptable to meet your requirements. A centralised system provides powerful and reliable dust extraction as a modular assemblage built around a primary dust collection unit. Numerous workstations connect to the centralised vacuum unit. Each benefits from efficient dust removal at source each time any tools are used, reducing contamination and increasing productivity. The centralised units are capable of accommodating between three and 24 workstations without a reduction in extraction power.

Increase productivity, minimise costs

The reliability of our designs ensures minimal servicing. The efficient systems feature direct drive turbines to provide continuous power, no belts to slow you down, no replacements required. The Teflon coated triple filters remove 99.9% of dust particles and last up to 3 years or approximately 5000 hours. Powder-coated steel pipework ensures durability and antistatic efficiency with smooth curves to reduce friction and optimise air flow. All of our new dust plants are ATEX upgradeable.



➢ Functional and durable workstations to suit your service requirements.
➢ Dust extraction, compressed air or electricity where you need it in your workshop.
➢ Wall-mounted or suspension modules that work universally with any make of tool.
➢ Custom build options also available for specialised requirements.
➢ Reliable dust extraction at source to reduce contamination.
➢ Operate in industrial, automotive, aerospace and educational applications.
➢ Adaptable to any size of workshop, plant or fabrication facility.
➢ Connects with three to 24 workstations to provide services to each work area.
➢ Increased efficiency with a reduction in power input.
➢ Power saving by remote switching and auto-flow options.
➢ Optimised airflow powder-coated steel pipework.
➢ Maintained performance with compressed air automatic cleaning.
➢ Direct drive turbine vacuum power.
➢ Long-life Teflon coated triple filter.
➢ Twin gauge performance monitoring.
➢ Remote switching and auto-flow options.
➢ Hour run meter display.
➢ ATEX upgrades available.