Specialised dust filtration

Your workshop may require specialised dust filtration if you work with certain hazardous materials. Minden’s ATEX systems are designed to use in aluminium, carbon and composite sanding areas.

Safety and compliance

ATEX options can be included in your initial Minden system design and installation or even upgraded at a later stage should your requirements change. All of our new centralised systems are compatible with our ATEX upgrade and we also offer a choice of mobile units which offer a portable solution in aluminium sanding areas.

➢ Suitable for all sanding areas.
➢ Separate filtration and disposal .
➢ Option with all new centralised systems.
➢ Convert your existing system.
➢ Upgrade to allow safe removal of hazardous particles.
➢ Fits to all new Minden centralised systems.
➢ ATEX rated mobile dust collection unit.
➢ Portable and convenient to use.
➢ Safely collects hazardous materials.
For more information on the handling of hazardous materials in the workplace, visit The Health and Safety Executive website