Dust extraction tools and accessories

We supply a wide range of dust extraction consumables including hoses and bags. Our selection of tools and clean-up components can adapt your existing setup to accommodate new jobs or different materials. Choose from our selection of accessories and retrofit options to increase the versatility of your dust extraction system.

Adaptable and functional

Our range of accessories fit Minden units as well as other dust extraction systems. If you’re already using a Minden system or if you have an existing dust extraction system, there will be times when you need additional accessories. We use the highest-quality components and source our tools and accessories from leading manufacturers. Our accessories and hoses are designed to be extremely durable, requiring minimal cleaning or servicing.



➢ Dust only hoses made from hard wearing crush proof material.
➢ Combined dust and air hoses for compressed air tool connection.
➢ Vac block hoses from thinner tubing to connect to vac block sanding tools.
➢ Weld fume head and hose with durable pipework, strong magnet fixing and fire retardant hose.
➢ Choice of tools and sanders to adapt to task.
➢ Fit to Minden mobile units or centralised systems.
➢ Electric or compressed air options.
➢ Sanding tools from a range of leading manufacturers.
➢ Accessory kits for floor cleaning and valet.
➢ Set of different pipes and heads to customise your kit.
➢ Connect to your centralised system or mobile unit.
➢ Compatible with all systems.
➢ Ideal to use with ATEX upgrades or mobile units.
➢ Carefully chosen materials to reduce static.